Our Headwear Flash Sale starts now. Get up to 45% off  on all our headwear items with free shipping on orders over $120. Ends 2/21 (Sun) at 11:59pm PST. 

■All headwear related items purchased during our Headwear Flash Sale are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Please check your order carefully before confirming.

■Order processing may take at least 5 business days before shipping (depending on the ongoing situation). Does not include shipping time provided by the USPS. 

■Note that separated orders cannot be shipped together and combined in order to be eligible for our "Free Shipping over $120" deal. Must be a single order to be eligible.

■Please be sure that you are able to receive the package at all times. If the order could not be delivered for any reason, address could not be found, any long term absence, etc… and is returned back to us, we will automatically cancel your order after 3 days if there is no response from the buyer. There will be no re-shipping available.

■Putting the items inside the Shopping Cart does not mean you have completed your order. In some case, items may be sold out before your check out is completed.


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