I’ve always been interested in stories about misfits and outsiders. Characters that are a bit bizarre or unconventional or weird. When I was trying to come up with a name for this project, I wanted something that captured this spirit. Around the time, I was reminded of this Kurosawa film that I love called “Stray Dog” or as it’s known in Japan, “Nora Inu”. I felt that the name “Nora Inu” conjured up the image of the offbeat weirdo lost somewhere on the outskirts of society and was the perfect fit for the kind of stories I wanted to tell and a perfect description for the types of characters that would fill them.

 With clothing, I felt it was an interesting way to showcase these characters and get them out to as many eyes as possible. In stories, characters are the ones you invest in and follow on these adventures and I liked the idea that you’d see my characters pop up in random places, hopefully capturing peoples interests and inspire them to follow wherever these characters go and whatever medium they inhabit. 

 Anyways, thanks for reading this if you’ve managed to get this far. Our collections will always be updated and new designs will be posted regularly, so check back often. Until then, enjoy yourself as you browse our current selection. Hope you like our stuff!  

 -Dylan Tsubasa



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